Finally found a reasonable priced gas can...

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Finally found a reasonable priced gas can...

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:40 pm

Was in Walmart the other day and surprised to find a heavy plastic 5gal gas can for $12.50 plus tax. Cheapest 5 gallon can I have seen in some time and amazingly its the stiff heavy duty plastic, not the light duty flimsy plastic kind.

Ok it does have the modern EPA spout. Yuck. This version has a spring loaded plunger inside the spout that keeps it closed. To open you are supposed to push it against the small engine gas tank opening (or use your thumb). Trick is it has a VERY stiff spring and some small engine gas tanks arent meant to be pushed against so strongly, especially older plastic ones that have gotten bit brittle....

So got to looking at it, extended it out into open position, cut off the end with hacksaw in less than 30 seconds. The remainder of the plunger and the spring just fell out after that. This left an unobstructed spout, but also an open slot along one side of the spout. I first tried jamming bit of the plastic spine from an old windshield wiper refill into the slot. But today found some of that metal aluminum tape in a drawer. Sort of heavy aluminum foil with some sort of adhesive on one side. Wrapped spout with that where slot exists. Trick will be if the adhesive can stand up to gasoline. Otherwise looks great right now and its thin enough layer that the cap still will fit on end of the spout.

Also modern gas cans dont have a vent anymore on rear of can so you get the glug, glug, glug when gas coming out of spout fights the incoming air to replace it. But there is a trick long used by people on these no vent cans and even old vented cans where the cap for the vent got lost. Thats to make proper size hole and seat a tire valve stem (minus the valve core) in the hole. Then use the screw on valve stem cap as the vent lid. A metal valve stem with metal cap, probably work best but as long as its not immersed in gasoline, the rubber ones will work. Rubber ones lot more common anymore and lot cheaper.

They designed this can so not easiest to locate a valve stem at proper height, it will have to go on rear of the hollow molded handle rather than in main part of the can. Vent should be about same level as the threaded part that the spout attaches to.


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